Sarah and Alex


We met on Tinder! We used to be embarrassed to tell people that but quickly got over it. It’s 2020. For our first date, We met at the movie theater and saw “Split”. We don’t really remember what we talked about, but everything just flowed really well and the conversation was so natural. I wasn’t planning on kissing him that night but he snuck one in anyway ☺️


I thought I was doing a Valentines Day themed styled shoot on my own. I got to the Creative Chateau and went upstairs where they had different Valentines-themed backdrops. They were having me do some different turns and looking at the camera for video footage. I wasn’t suspicious because I’ve worked with them before and it was exactly the same as last time. I turn around on queue for the next video sequence and Alex starts walking up to me… I’m still clueless!! I’m thinking 1. You’re in my shot 2. You just said you were reading for class so what are you doing here in a suit? And then things started coming together as he went into telling me about his love for me.

I am obsessed with Disney princesses! I found two different rings that I LOVED for very different reasons. One ring had a rose gold rose on it and the other ring had a flower with a vine band. Alex knew I loved both of those rings and he got one custom made! He got me a rose gold ring with a much larger than expected diamond on it and the exact vine band that I wanted! Everything about this ring was one of a kind. There has never been one like and there will never be another one like it. That is just another example of how special he makes me feel!

Special Thanks