Alex and Nate

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How We Met

I was in 8th grade and had a distant cousin I was close to in 9th grade. Our high school and jr. High was connected and one day I was walking in the high school hallway to get to the jr. High and my cousin stopped me and was talking to me. I had just recently got my braces off and I didn’t know it then but one of his friends saw me talking to him and I caught his attention. We would talk through Facebook (I didn’t have a cell phone) and one night my cousin invited me over to his house to watch a basketball game. I went and when I walked in there was his blonde haired blue-eyed friend I had always thought was cute, Nate. After that night we would talk more on Facebook and at school and one night my friends and I had planned to go see the movie Dear John. I was talking to Nate earlier that day about how I was going and he decided to go with us as well. Before we walked into the movie, he had mentioned he had to ask me something so once we were seated in the movie I asked what he needed to ask me and that’s when he dropped the “Will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes!! I had been crushing on this boy for quite some time. After that night on February 6, 2010 the rest has been history.

how they asked

A week prior to my engagement, my roommate’s boyfriend had texted me and asked to make sure her nails would be done before Easter because he was planning on proposing! I was very upset because he wouldn’t give me any details or show me the ring even though he knows that my roommate wanted me to know and help him prior to him proposing! So the week goes by with me complaining and trying to find time to go get our nails done together. We ended up going Saturday morning, April 15th. My sister lives out of town and she had just gotten into town a few days before Saturday but I hadn’t had time to hangout with her so I asked her if she wanted to go shopping Saturday afternoon. So after I got my nails done, my sister and I went shopping the whole day.

We get back into town and I was just hanging out with my family at my parents’ house. My mom had told my sister and I earlier in the week that she needed help at a church reception at the high school Saturday night so I had to leave my parents house to go to my house and change. I didn’t put much effort into my appearance because I thought I was going to serve cake and punch to people.

My sister picked me up to go to the reception and we walked through the jr. high doors and up to the ramp to the high school hallway that leads to the commons area (where the reception was supposed to be). As we are walking up the ramp I start to see lights on the ground in the hallway, not thinking anything of it, I looked at my sister and said “Oh those must be new!” and started to turn to the left to walk to the commons area.

My sister immediately grabbed me and turned me to the right. When she turned me around I saw the high school hallway lined with Christmas lights on both sides and pictures hanging from the ceiling of Nate and I.

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I fell back into my sister’s arms and asked if this was a joke.. she obviously said NO! She pushed me forward and I started walking through this picture timeline of all 7 years we have together from the Freshman hallway all the way to the Senior hallway of our high school. I start walking through the last pictures of us from our current year together and see a sign that says “Forever”.

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Nate then walks out and walks me over to the middle of the hallway. I was still in shock and don’t remember anything that came out of his mouth as he was talking to me besides when we got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM and of course I said YES!!

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He had a photographer there and she took some pictures of us afterwards and then we got into the car and he told me that we needed to go show my sister and parents. We walk into my parents house and I give hugs and show the ring and then my mom tells me she has some celebratory wine and that we should go into the kitchen and drink it. As I started walking toward the kitchen, I see reflections of people in the window or kitchen. I noticed it was all of my friends!!! I ran into the kitchen and ALL my friends and Nate’s family were there to celebrate with us and we celebrated all night. It was the most memorable day of my life and I can’t wait to marry my best friend of 7 years!!

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Sicily Stahl
 | Photographer