Alex and Moses

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How We Met

Moses and I first met 6 years ago, during our freshman year at Temple University where fate (and a love for our hometown city of Philadelphia) led us to live in the same dormitory. We were destined to cross paths, and I certainly had my sights set on Moses from the first time I saw him (he was wearing a backwards hat and tie-dye shirt and honestly just looked so cool).

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Acquaintances turned to friends and soon enough Moses and I were spending most of our time together. He had a way of making the simplest moments – from studying between classes, to passing time listening to our favorite music, to quintessential late night dining hall meals – some of my most favorite memories.

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I knew then every moment would be an adventure with Moses, and he proves me right every day.

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how they asked

This story has a few moving parts, because unlike me, Moses is a serious planner. Before we get started, remember this: from the grocery store to week-long road trips, every moment with Moses is an adventure. In fact, one of our favorite things to do together is travel (I’m actually writing this on a train from Amsterdam to Paris while Moses listens to music in the seat next to me). We’ve been all throughout the United States together and decided it was time to take our first trans-Atlantic trip abroad as a couple: a two week tour around western Europe. Come Valentine’s Day of 2017, our trip planning was well underway. Moses presented me with a gift, which surprised me because we typically don’t do much for the holiday, but he quickly retracted it and instructed me that I was not allowed to open it until 1 week before we left for Europe, which was over a month away. For weeks I wondered what could be inside that box (and I gave it my fair share of shakes). One week until departure finally arrived, and I excitedly opened the gift to find a card inside.

The card told me to get to shopping for a new outfit because Moses arranged a professional photo-shoot in our first destination city of London! (As you can imagine with a relationship that budded during our college days, quality photographs of us are few and far between). I was absolutely thrilled to have our first international trip as a couple professionally documented. When we arrived in London, we explored the city and soon met our photographer (Cecelina Photography) at Westminster Station, located adjacent to the Thames River, Big Ben, and the London Eye. Cecelina, started shooting as we walked throughout the area and across Westminster bridge. She led us down a private staircase flanked on one side by an incredible view of Big Ben and on the other by a picturesque romantic tunnel. It was a private little moment in the hustle and bustle of London’s most notable area. The photographer instructed me to do a playful pose that started with my back turned towards Moses.

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On her count, I spun around and saw my longtime boyfriends and man of my dreams on one knee, where he looked into my eyes and asked me to make him the luckiest man in the world. Of course I said “Yes!” (after a slew of profanities in true Alex fashion) and our couples photo-shoot turned into an engagement photo-shoot! I thought that this European trip would be our greatest adventure, but it turns out we are just getting started…

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