Alex and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I had seen each other around campus throughout college. I distinctly remember him being at events here and there before “we met.” One of my roommates played on the same rec-basketball team as him. I came home from class and there was a group playing catch phrase. Michael suggested we play boys versus girls. After a few rounds, the boys went home the winners. The following night I ran into Michael again. He told me that I “owed” him a dance since he had beaten me at catchphrase the night before. The rest is history.

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how they asked

Michael and I have been together for over 5 years and being that I am a wedding planner, we have talked very extensively about our own wedding, proposal, etc. I had mentioned multiple times that getting married at Gas Works Park was my childhood dream, and Michael gathered enough intel over the years to know this was a big favorite spot of mine.

Our photographers, Jake and Kasey Holt, had moved to Seattle from Austin a few months prior and I had met them at a networking event. I came home and told Michael about how much fun they were. At one of the networking events, the idea of doing a photoshoot to give the Holts some Seattle images for their website came up. I mentioned it to Michael later that night and he thought it was weird to do a shoot when we weren’t engaged, but agreed to help them out. Fast forward to all of us meeting a couple of times and we set August 11th to do the shoot.

I spent the week prior joking that I had set up the perfect proposal for Michael. I would tell people it might happen, but it would never. Some day maybe, but this probably wasn’t the date. Michael is way too much of a romantic to have me setup the perfect proposal for him.

I was planning to buy a couple new outfits, and maybe even get my hair and makeup done. Why not? Some professional photos are worth it. Well, it turned out to be my busiest week of the summer for work and I almost cancelled the shoot, but then felt bad for doing that to the Holts.

After buying a dress in a spare 30 minutes between meetings and having to delay the shoot because of an unexpected walkthrough we made it to Gas Works all dressed up.

After taking some portraits, Kasey called Michael over to fix his outfit (Turns out this is where she gave him my ring that she had been holding onto). When he came back, Jake had us turn to face each other holding hands for some shots. Michael started saying the sweetest things, and I just couldn’t believe this was really happening. I proceeded to ask “Are you kidding? Is this a joke?” interrupting him multiple times (poor guy!) and then had to be prompted three times to say YES once he had officially asked me to marry him.

My favorite part is that once I was thinking in full sentences again, Michael started telling me about how he planned it all. Turns out that he had emailed the Holts the day after I first met them saying that he was going to propose. Then had talked multiple times before I thought I was “introducing them for the first time” and had drinks without me a few times in the weeks leading up to the proposal. Kasey and Jake even held onto the ring after Michael picked it up so that I wouldn’t accidentally find it at home. Leave it to Michael to make me think I was the one planning everything (like I normally am), when really he was the mastermind the entire time. To think I had to convince him to take some pictures to help the Holts out, and really he was behind it all!

After that we went to celebrate with our favorite local treat, Molly Moons Ice Cream, and grab some stellar shots at Kerry Park. Michael had even colluded with my best friend to arrive at Kerry Park with champagne.

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