Alex and Megan

How We Met: Alex and I met in 2010 while we were both working at an HOA in Georgia. For him it was a transition job after college, while he was busy searching for the job of his dreams, and for me it was an internship to help make some money, before I returned to college in the fall.

And while we both had an instant physical attraction to each other, I won’t lie and say it was love at first sight. To start, he was a Georgia Tech Alum and I was a University of Georgia student, so naturally we had an instant rivalry. And secondly, while I was an outspoken and chatty extrovert, he was (as I told my parents) “a silent mute”. No joke at one point he even asked me to join his softball team and I lied and said I was awful (I’m actually not half bad), just because I thought it’d be awkward to be on a softball team with a group of strangers and a guy who hardly spoke!

Image 1 of Alex and Megan

But as the months of us working together went on and his walls started to come down, I decided it was time to give the guy a shot, since I was still hung up on how stinking good looking he was. So on the Friday before the July 4th weekend, when he asked me to hang out with him after work, I finally said yes.

And really the rest is history. From that day on we were inseparable. We spent the entire July 4th weekend together and almost every day after that. Even the distance of me going back to UGA in the fall and him being in Atlanta couldn’t keep us apart.

From the moment I said yes to hanging out with him that night, I knew there was something special between us, and I’ve been looking forward to say yes to a much bigger question, ever since!

how they asked: For our 5 year anniversary, Alex surprised me with something we had been dreaming of for our entire relationship – a trip to Ireland! To say I was excited is probably the understatement of the year.

On August 30th we hopped on a plane and headed to Ireland, for what I anticipated to be the trip of a lifetime – but little did I know, it would be so so much more than that.

On our third day of the trip (September 1st) we went to one of the most iconic destinations in the country – Blarney Castle. The view was absolutely gorgeous. There was a huge open field in front of the castle, where you could just soak in the scenery and marvel at the view, before making your way to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Image 2 of Alex and Megan

As we were busy snapping pics, Alex decided that he was going to set up our camera tripod, so that we could get some pictures of us together. Once he did, he told me to go stand in front of the castle and look up at it, so he could get a picture of me admiring the view. (If you haven’t already put 2 & 2 together, this meant I was now standing with my back to him)

Next thing I knew, he had crept up behind me and was saying he had another surprise for me. And before I could even process what was happening, he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. ‘Ecstatic’ doesn’t even begin to explain the emotions I was feeling.

Image 3 of Alex and Megan

In fact, I was so incredibly happy that I immediately wrapped my arms around him, hugging him for dear life – nearly forgetting to say ‘Yes!’ or put the absolutely stunning ring he was holding onto my finger! And as if getting proposed to wasn’t enough of a fairy tale, there was a harpist playing in the background, during the entire proposal.

Image 4 of Alex and Megan

Needless to say, I finally returned from my state of shock, screamed ‘yes! yes! yes!’, and am beyond thrilled to marrying my Prince Charming!