Alex and Marbin

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How We Met

Marbin and I met in summer school at UC Irvine. I swear I could feel that he was staring at me, and as full of myself as I was…I was pretty sure he had a crush on me. But, he will tell you that he saw me smiling the biggest smile, and he simply thought- “Wow, this girl is really excited to be in summer school.”

We didn’t talk at all, until one day I left all my homework and notes in a folder under a desk as I rushed out of class. Marbin and a few classmates saw that I left my folder, but he offered to take it to the library where I worked. (See, he how did he know I worked at the library at the front desk if he wasn’t looking?! haha!)

He handed me my folder so sweetly and I was thrilled to have my folder back, but when I looked up to thank him, he disappeared like a mystery. I was so thankful that he gave me my folder, I needed to at least meet him in class. So the next day, I went up to him before class and “formally” introduced myself. But…that was it.

That summer was a difficult summer, I was spiritually and emotionally drained. I was visiting my friend in Chicago and before I left her that summer, we prayed and I just asked for a Christian friend in school. Someone to go to church with and pray with, something like that…

That Sunday I went to church by myself (something I never did) and I was awkwardly alone and looking at my phone so no one would think I was alone, and I hear a shout just before church started: “Alex!” I turn around, and it’s Marbin?! I was shocked! He sat next to me at church, and after church I asked if he was still at UCI, and he said yes and he was graduating in a couple of years (me too!), so I knew we had the same classes. We exchanged numbers so we could be study buddies. And study buddies we became. I developed a huge crush on him, that’s what happens when you study until the weeee hours of the night… you get to know someone real differently! haha!

I know Marbin would agree with the developing of a crush, because he asked me to be his girlfriend months down the line ;)

how they asked

After four years of dating, we were in “talks” of getting married soon! So I knew sometime this year he might ask. We have a London trip planned, so I thought that seems romantic…maybe there?

Boy was I wrong…

Our life group friends wanted to go camping, and that was completely normal because we love doing that kind of stuff. So one of my friends made a facebook invite and a group message to plan the camping weekend, it was quick, everyone was down and that was that. I even volunteered to get some food to cook!

We got to our campsite Friday night, we hung out with friends, we laughed around the campfire, my heart was so full because I love these people. We woke up Saturday morning, chilled around our campfire, made breakfast and then went on a hike. One friend was injured and stayed behind, another friend felt “ill” and stayed behind, and the friend that “planned” the camping trip stayed behind.

At first I thought, bummer they are staying behind, but I was like okay that’s fine and we left for a hike. We went to Malibu State Park and hiked all over, so much fun! BUT! I forgot our sandwiches and snack, so after a hike we were all so hungry.

We get in the car to go back to the campsite, and I was thinking about making everyone sandwiches, one of the girls said our other friends arrived so we needed to help them set up their tent. But all I could think of was, “we’re hungry..this can wait.” But…Marbin had a very serious “Let’s just help them set up the tent and then eat,” so I followed. I saw cute decorations and a little buffet of food, but thought there was a family party happening, but no one was there… until….. AHHHHHH!

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The cheering! So overwhelmed, I see familiar faces; my family, his family, my best friends, and sister from Hawaii and my cousin who lives in Connecticut at the back of the most amazing spirit tunnel ever. I lost it. Marbin flew in my loves to witness this.

I turn around, and Marbin, my man Marbin, says the sweetest words and gets on his knee and asked. I didn’t even let him finish! I screamed OF COURSE!!


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