Madison and Alex

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How We Met

Jimmy was teasing me mercilessly… Alex calmly walked over and asked me to hold his watch. My friends and I laughed as he pursued Jimmy across a number of obstacles in defense of my honor. I wonder what would have happened if he caught him? We were in the firth grade at recess. It was a whirlwind romance and he was my first official boyfriend at 10 years old. Since that moment in time our relationship has followed many paths, and now 16 years later he still is, and always will be, my hero.

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As young adults we dated on and off from our senior year in high school though college and into our professional careers. Soon after I graduated University of Texas-Austin (Hook em) we decided to commit to a more serious relationship. We have been officially girlfriend and boyfriend for the last three years. Life together has been an adventure. From Homecoming dances to Spring Break trips to backpacking across Canada, we have grown closer through each passing year. Alex is the love of my life and we are excited about our future together.

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how they asked

We were on vacation in Maui this last January. I was surprised with a spa day and relaxed all morning at the resort. Alex planned a dinner date at Merriman’s Maui one of the best restaurants on the island. He told me we were going to make a stop to view the sunset at a private beach the concierge had recommended. It was a little windy and looked like rain. I was not too excited about facing the elements with my newly blown out hair and makeup done, but he persisted and we headed down a trail with a bottle of wine. The view was dramatic and the setting was perfect. We watched the whale’s breach as we enjoyed the sunset and our wine. At one point I reached my arm around Alex and he quickly swatted my hand away. My engagement ring was in his pocket and he didn’t want me to feel it. I thought his behavior was a little off and he became increasingly nervous.

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He took a big gulp of wine and reached for my hand as he began to propose. I had waited for this moment for a long time, but I was caught totally off guard. He told me he has wanted me as his wife all his life. The reality of the situation hit me all at once and I began to cry. He knelled on one knee and presented my dream engagement ring. He said he couldn’t imagine a more perfect wife than me and would I agree to marry him?

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Everything is a little foggy from that point on. However, Alex and my family had hired a photographer. She was hiding in the bushes and caught the moment of his proposal so that we will have that point in time to look back on the rest of our lives. You can see from the photos the emotion and love that I felt at this special place, with this special man, at the most special moment of my life.

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Special Thanks

Amy J Short
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring