Alex and Luke

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How We Met

I had a friend from high school message me telling me I would be a perfect match for a guy she knew. I just told her that he would message me if he was interested and didn’t think a second thought. A week later, he Facebook messaged me and was such a sweet gentleman… and he was super cute. ;) One week later we went on a blind date, he told me loved me one month later, and the rest is history!

how they asked

I have hip surgery coming up and was getting really anxious thinking about my recovery and the possibility of him proposing to me on crutches… not cute, right? I had been asking my friends if they had heard from Luke about a proposal… little did I know they had been texting and planning for months. I had pretty much determined he couldn’t pull it off because we had plans all the weekends coming up to my surgery. On May 12th, we went to a memorial service, high school graduation and he told me we had to go to their family lake house for a wedding shower honoring his second cousin (who I’ve never even heard of!) I was so annoyed and just wanted to relax and stay home because I was exhausted. We made the trip to the lake house and there were lights, tables, and the most beautiful setup with an arbor and flowers. I said “Wow babe! They really went all out for your cousin!” I seriously had no idea!!!!

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We went inside and there were signs for his cousin and her fiancé (little did I know they wrote our names on the back and flipped it over when I wasn’t looking)… they were so slick!!! I was asking if I could help with anything and his mom told me we could go down and light the lanterns on the deck. I was lighting the lanterns and we walk over to the bench to light the last candle. He asked me to put the lighter down and I said: “why???” I turn around and he’s on one knee! I literally screamed no and start backing away!!!! I seriously could not believe it.

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He said the sweetest things… He told me when He first knew I was the one and that he could not wait to worship God with me the rest of our lives. I said yes and I look up and see the most important people of my life there…. Yesterday was easiest the best day of my life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Chloe Kjellin
 | Photographer
Kallen Kjellin and Julie Jones
 | Planning
Karen Brittain and Glenda Craig
 | Planning