Alex and Lenny

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How We Met

In 2010 I decided to move down to Orlando, Florida from Grand Rapids, MI in January of 2011. I was going to move in with my aunt and uncle until I got established down there. Knowing that I wouldn’t know anyone, my Aunt wanted to try and make friends for me down there before I moved. My fiancé Lenny was her neighbor, and one night my aunt saw him packing his car to go surfing the following morning. She went outside and told him I would be moving down and needed some friends (LOL) after she called me immediately and told me to look him up on Facebook, which of course I did! We became Facebook friends and talked almost everyday until I moved down a month after.

It was great to have a friend down there to show me around Orlando and introduce me to people. Living next door to each other we would hang out almost every day, we went on nightly walks around the neighborhood and would sit and talk in the driveway for hours at the end of the day. After being friends for about three months we started our relationship on March 14, 2011 and the rest is history from there.

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how they asked

For the last four years, I have met Lenny every August on his work trip. We’ve been to numerous places in the US and Europe, one of our top favorite places we’ve experienced together was Barcelona, Spain. Knowing he had a work trip there in August of 2016 we knew we had to make a trip out of it again. I arrived two weeks after he had already been there. We had a whole week planned with about 10 of our closest friends. We visited the beach everyday, went sightseeing and went to a concert at a nightclub we had been the previous time we visited, to end the vacation we had a private catamaran tour off the Mediterranean Coast.

I caught a bug while over there and being on a boat did not sound as fun as before, but everyone urged me that I had to be on that boat, including my parents. So we went. We cruised for about an hour, stopped so a few of us could get off and swim and then started cruising again along the coast. After a little bit Lenny asked me if I wanted to get a picture of us on the front of the boat. As soon as we walked up there everyone rushed to the front and pulled out there phones, at that time I knew something was going on. After our good friend got a couple photos, I turned around and Lenny was on his knee’s with the most beautiful ring in his hand. I said Yes, in one of our most favorite places in the world.

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