Alex and Lauren

Alex's Proposal in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

Alex and I met during our first semester of college. We spent about a week of just friendship, started dating soon after, and have been best friends since!

Where to Propose in Sydney, Australia

How They Asked

Alex and I knew we wanted to get married early in our relationship, but decided it would be best to wait till we were out of college. As we neared the end of school, I would bug him about when and where he was going to do it. We talked about how our study abroad trip would be great, but the stress of planning it and bringing the ring with was a daunting task, and Alex had me convinced it would be after our trip. Then we left to study abroad in Australia, visiting both Sydney and Brisbane with a group of other students. Towards the end of the Sydney leg of the trip, Alex and I had planned a date night for ourselves at a restaurant in the Circular Quay by the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. We left early so we could take some photos together by both of the landmarks before we left the city. During the whole walk through the city, Alex was jittery and concerned about something, and I assumed it was because we were worried about catching the sunlight to get pictures! Once we arrived, he took me over to the water and immediately I knew what was happening. He proposed and I cried through the whole thing, but of course said yes! I was so busy hugging him that he had to stop me and ask, “Do you want the ring?” As soon as I put the ring on I had to hug him some more before he told me turn and thank our photographer. I turned to see our program coordinator for the class there, taking photos the whole time! Apparently, he had her follow us the whole walk over and take photos the entire time. I had no idea! She then took us around the harbor and took such beautiful photos right after I said yes. I was so surprised and then we got to celebrate, just the two of us, at our date night dinner reservation. That night we called our families to tell them the great news then told the rest of the students in our group which made for many nights of celebrations.