Alex and Kyle

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How We Met

I met Kyle at a party during my senior week of college in May of 2013. He was at a bar crawl and then a few parties on campus that week and we even have pictures together from that week. I didn’t see him again for two years after that week. We ran into each other downtown and had been living just two streets apart. We went on our first date at a small bar in May of 2015, and continued to date since then. Kyle truly grounds me and supports me in everything I want to do or accomplish. He is inspirational with his optimism, positivity and endlessly loving. Kyle has been my rock during grad school, starting a new job, and he always reminds me what things are important in life and what things I should not stress over. We are each other’s biggest fans. After lots of great experiences traveling together and experiencing all that we can in life, unknown to me, Kyle planned to propose to me in May, 2017. Throughout our years, fate brought us together and our story always bloomed in the spring.

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how they asked

He met with a couple we are close with when I was away on a trip, and told them his plans to propose over memorial day weekend. I had a bachelorette party in the finger lakes Saturday night so I was distracted and didn’t think about the weekend too much after the party. We had plans to meet the next day for wine tasting together since I would already be near the vineyards. I think he made me believe that plan was my idea but really, he had been planning this since Easter. I arrived and was a little surprised to see him pretty dressed up with long sleeves and pants although I couldn’t think too much of it because he enjoys dressing up and wearing a “wine tasting outfit.” I noticed he was fidgety as we ordered our first glass of wine as he bounced his hand about the bar before pulling it back tightly to his side. We went outside and our friends suggested taking pictures with out wine in front of the vineyards.

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We took their picture then switched spots. After our picture was taken, Kyle took a deep breath and asked me to wait here for a minute. He began to tell me how much our relationship meant to him. He spoke about the way life has brought us together so many times throughout the years and how he felt it was truly a sign. After speaking about the past and the present, he spoke about our future together and how he dreams to have a large, happy family together. His proposal was breathtaking and so well thought out. He got down on one knee and popped the question.

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He told me he had plans for the rest of the day and despite my reflexes, to not ask any questions. We went to another winery for lunch and a brewery, then to his parents’ house where a party was awaiting us. His grandparents had traveled from Canada, and my parents and brother from different cities. We popped champagne and had a delicious meal together. The day was a whirlwind and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Special Thanks

Emily Conway
 | Photographer
Konstantin Ladilov
 | Videographer
 | manicurist