Alex and Kayla

How We Met

I met Kayla my sophomore year in college when my friend’s girlfriend at the time (Marissa) approached me about being her roommate’s, Kayla, date to a sorority function that they had. I told my friend and girlfriend of course I’d be happy to so Marissa began arranging things. Now Kayla wasn’t comfortable with going with a stranger and as a matter a fact she was told that I really wanted to go with her after seeing a picture of her (which I hadn’t) so it turned out it was a set up on both ends but did not know it at the time. In any case, I told Marissa to give Kayla my number and I’d be happy to talk with her so we could get to know each other before we went to the sorority formal together. I did not expect what happened next…. instead of taking my number… Kayla tells Marissa “tell him he can have my number and he can text me first”. Here I am trying to be nice and get to know her and she’s worried about who texts first.. (I did text her first tho). We eventually arranged to meet at our dorm and when she shows up she is on crutches from a softball accident and I still give her a hard time about seeing her like that for the first time till this day! However, what she doesn’t know is her crutches were the last thing on my mind at the time because when I saw her… something inside me told me this girl was going to be a big part of my life but I had no idea why. We really connected after sitting and talking with one another that first time and there has never been a dull conversation since and that was almost 4 years ago. I now know why I had that feeling when we first met and it was because God had a plan for us to meet and we were perfect for each other! I wouldn’t trade what we have for the world.

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To propose I decided to show her what she means to me through some pictures and videos of memories we have made together. I also wanted to make her feel like the princess she is to me by incorporating her favorite Disney princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So I created a video collage of all the pictures and video and projected it on an outdoor projection screen while she sat alone in the middle of the yard and watched our memories play on screen. She thought we were just watching Beauty and the Beast outside then I surprised her with this! As the video ended I came from behind her with a rose in a glass case like in the movie with the ring sitting on top of the rose and began to ask her to be my Beauty and lift my Beast curse and to marry me! Needless to say the woman of my dreams said yes and I can’t wait to spend forever with her! I have posted a video showing the video I made on one side and her reaction on the other!

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