Alex and Kate

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how we met

Our story began on January 26, 2013 when we were both out with friends on a Saturday night. I remember my girlfriend telling me earlier that week that I have to go out if I ever want to meet anyone and my response to her was “like I want to meet a guy in a bar.” Well that is exactly what happened. Alex and I to this day can’t remember how we started talking but just that our paths seemed to cross and we couldn’t stop talking. It was early in the conversation that I learned he was from Iowa. I couldn’t believe it because I too was originally from Iowa but had been living in Minnesota since college. He definitely caught my attention now that I knew he was an Iowa boy.

I vividly remember stopping him mid sentence after he told me he was from Iowa asking “Wait…are you a Hawkeye or Cyclone fan?” You see I grew up a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan and knew this would be an important thing to know. Without hesitation he said with certainly, “Hawkeye fan!” I laughed and said good then we can continue to talk. We spent the next few hours together that night talking in a bar about anything and everything. When it was time to go, he asked for my number and called the very next day. The rest, as they say, is history.

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how they asked

Fast forward a year and half later. It was the week of the Fourth of July, 2014 and I was visiting my family back in Iowa. Since I’m a teacher I have the summers off and flew down to spend a week or so with the family. He was planning on driving down for the weekend and then we’d drive back home to Minnesota together.

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When he arrived we spent some quality time with family and nothing was out of the ordinary until that Saturday July 5th. In the morning, we went shopping and just hung out. I was outside by my parents pond reading when I noticed Alex was pacing around. This wasn’t unusual so I really didn’t think too much of it. When he asked me to go for a walk I said no because I just wanted to read. After some convincing, I decided to go for a walk on my parent’s property.

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It was on our walk he pulled me over to a tree, looked into my eyes, and got down on one knee. I of course began to cry and babble and of course said YES. I looked over to see my mom taking pictures. My family means everything to me so the fact that he did it where I grew up and when my family was near was incredibly special.

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A year and a month later on Aug. 15, 2015 we began forever together as husband and wife. I’m incredibly lucky to have found my soul-mate, my best friend, my partner for life.

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