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How We Met

Alex and I met when we were sophomores at Bowling Green State University (Falcon Flames!). It was an October night when I was wandering around campus with my friend and her R.A. We were about to go to a new dining hall on campus, when we came around a corner and met three guys skating on their longboards, little did I know that my future husband was in that group. As it turned out, my friend and her R.A. knew these guys, they all lived on the same floor of the dorm building I lived in. We stopped and talked to them for a while and I told the group that I always wanted to learn how to longboard. That’s when Alex, my future fiancé, came forward and eagerly said he would teach me. I stepped on the longboard and he put his arm up so I could hold on as he rolled me around. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I just thought that the boy was sweet and was easy to talk to. The group stood there and chatted a while before we ended up hanging out that whole night together.

As the year went on, that whole group (plus some of my friends) would meet up in the lounge of our dorm to work on homework and hang out until late at night since we all lived in the same building. We all hung out quite a bit and had inside jokes, watched movies, and spent a lot of our free time together. I remember there was one night where I really wanted nachos and none of my friends would walk to Taco Bell (down the street from us) with me to get them. I went down to the boys’ room and asked if anyone would walk with me for nachos. Once again, Alex was eager to escort me. I don’t remember much about the nachos that night, but I remember that we got stopped by a train on our way home and I thought that this guy was something else, but at that point I think I was in denial about having feelings for him. Side note, to this day, when anyone asks about our first date I still joke that our first date was at Taco Bell and he argues with me every time!

As the school year ended, Alex and I parted ways and we didn’t talk for several months over the summer. The next year was the first year my friends and I were able to move off campus into a house we rented. On a whim, the week before I moved in, I texted Alex. I asked him where him and his friends were living and it turned out it was a block away from me and my friends! On move-in day he actually came over and helped me move with my parents! I was impressed. This guy who I haven’t seen in months was so kind-hearted, helpful, thoughtful and cute I didn’t know I would fall so fast! The next few days were spent together, he eventually taught me how to longboard, we went on our REAL first date, and became really close. Fast forward a few weeks and we were dating — and for four years since!

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how they asked

I have a great friend who is a wedding photographer, and we always try to make plans doing crafting workshops. We made plans to go to a workshop to create pumpkins with succulents in them on a Monday. As the time grew closer to the workshop, we decided to craft at home and make fake pumpkins with fake succulents so they would last longer. So we skipped the workshop on Monday and planned to do a girls night on Friday.

Throughout the week I had been getting sad, because I knew Alex was going to be leaving for a couple trips soon (one of the trips was going to be 5-weeks long). He is a wildlife filmmaker and his first NatGeo WILD trip to Africa was coming up in December. I was trying to spend as much free time with him as possible, but as months went by and details of his trip started becoming more real, I realized I wasn’t going to be spending the holidays with him. I was getting pretty bummed about the holidays and him leaving soon. On Thursday morning I got a text from Diana, my photographer friend, and she asked if we could make a slight change of plans on Friday. She asked if I would go with her to a cool park to take family photos of her friend and then after I would model for her because she had a new lens she wanted to try out. I agreed and thought nothing of it. I even asked Alex if he wanted to go too so we could play with his camera while we were out there. He said he was going to make plans with his friend so that I could have a girls night.

On Friday afternoon, I left work right on time to be at Diana’s immediately after work, traffic wasn’t bad so I was at her house ahead of time. I knew that I didn’t want to be the reason someone’s family photo session was behind schedule especially when daylight is precious at the end of an October day in Ohio. When I got to her house she had glue sticks and other craft supplies all set out. I was excited to craft! We headed out to the park to wait for her friend and take pictures and the whole way we were talking about our plans for that night and other random things. Everything seemed normal.

When we got there we waited around for a while until she got a text from her friend, then we started walking into the pine trees to find him. As we were walking we were still just talking about things until I saw white things hanging from the trees a head of me. As I kept walking I saw someone standing there. As I got even closer I realized it was my Alex.

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I stood frozen with excitement about 15 feet in front of him and asked him what he was doing. I knew it was happening — he was proposing! As I got closer I realized he had strung lights (those were the white things I saw) in the middle of the pine tree forest and at some point those lights turned on. (I don’t remember them coming on because at that point everything was such a blur.) I just knew he was down on one knee, there were tears in his eyes, Diana was snapping shots around us, he was saying amazing things, and the Christmas lights were on as the sun was going down.

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It was so magical and I was so happy! It didn’t seem real. The man of my dreams, my rock, my best friend was asking to be with him forever!

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In the aftermath of it all I found out so many silly things I said or did during that blurry moment, as well as how he planned most of the details. I found out the ring he proposed to me with was a custom rose-gold solitaire he had made just for me, but the best part is that the diamond was his grandmother’s. That means so much to me that words can’t even explain. The sadness I was feeling from realizing he was leaving had left and he had filled me with so much joy and excitement. Everything was perfect that night.

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He knows me inside and out and I couldn’t be more excited to start our lives together. He is everything I have ever wanted — driven, caring, passionate, courageous, inspiring, and so much more and I get to be with him forever! He made the proposal everything I had ever hoped for and so much more! I cannot wait to be his wife!

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