Alex and Josh

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barcelona, Spain

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. At first, neither of us was looking for a serious relationship but when I was introduced to him and saw him in person after hearing so much about him I was floored. From that day forward I wanted to spend every day I could with him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barcelona, Spain

How They Asked

After returning from my most recent deployment I wanted to take him on a trip where we could go just spend time together. So for Thanksgiving, we told our families that we loved them but that we were going to do our own thing and flew off to Barcelona, Spain. Towards the end of the trip, I had a day planned for us to visit Mont Serrat with its beautiful Monastery carved into a cliff face and sweeping views of southern Spain.

I took him to the top of the mountain and found a perfect precipice stood him there on top of the world and asked him to marry me. Figured the setting was perfect him being my whole world and us standing on top of the world.

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