Alex and Jon

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How We Met

Alex and I first met around a campfire at a work event in 2009. A quick introduction by the fire was all I could remember is this super excitable (great looking) girl with an infectious laugh! We connected again through work events after Alex moved to Toronto in 2010, soon after becoming close work friends meeting for projects. Over the following 6 years of friendship we became best friends, we were even roommates with our respective significant others at one point. Through break ups and career changes, our friendship remained strong and we supported one another through it all. Together we discovered the only missing piece was that we were both single.

Last year, we took our friendship further to find an organic and natural chemistry. It was funny to think that we were ever NOT in a relationship. We had always been naturally together – we just didn’t know it! Once the logistics of moulding our lives together this past year, we moved in together once again; with our two pups, Spencer and Zoey. We went on a beautiful trip to Italy last summer, indulging our favourite pastimes, enjoying fine wine and food together!

Holidays were spent with our respective families in Toronto and Ottawa. We had met them over the years but it was nice to get to know them better and see a future all together. In March of this year, I asked Alex’s parents for her hand in marriage, they were very welcoming and excited for our next chapter. With that box checked, then it was onto the next task: planning the surprise engagement!

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how they asked

I put together this surprise proposal with our mutual friend Bia, and Alex’s best friend and floral expert, Nick. Alex would be at her all-day yoga training, she’s always so chill after yoga! Bia picked her up to go for a manicure and a bite at the Drake Hotel. The plan was that Bia would tell Alex that she had to view a venue space close-by for an upcoming work function. Alex went with the flow, walking into the 99 Gallery hall, opening the door; she walked into a dark space, where she would come across a slideshow of our pictures– finally giving away that something big was about to happen! Bia would then pull back a curtain, in the background, hearing a string duo playing Beauty and Beast (Alex’s favourite composition and musical instruments).

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The stage was all set! With the expertise I entrusted to our friends in the industry, combining all of her favourite things: everything lavender and soft pinks from roses, florals, candles, macaroons, to balloons! Alex then walked down the hall to meet me where I was on one knee. I had a speech prepared to ask my best friend, Alex for her hand in marriage as my life partner!

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I had been waiting in anticipation all afternoon, but looking up at her as I asked, I was instantly at ease by her smile and the only thing she could utter to my question was giggles as she nodded her head YES! That’s all I needed, as I proceeded to put on the rose gold, solitaire diamond with an infinity band, (her one request in the ring design; signifying our love and union as infinite).

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It all happened so fast! She said yes, it was all over and we were among close friends with a beautiful back drop with memories that were captured by experts in the industry. We are both so grateful to everyone that helped execute this proposal and the memories we have as we begin the next chapter of our lives together!

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special thanks

Photographer: Sunny Kaura Photography
Videographer: SDE Weddings
AV Tech: Chris Zoleta
Venue: 99 Sudbury
Equipment Rentals: Glamorous Affairs
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