Alex and Jessica

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how we met

Jessica and Alex met at a summer camp called TAF in 2001. During the water fight, Alex harshly chucked a water balloon at Jessica, and after apologizing to her, they began talking and became friends. Though he lived in Chicago and she in Kansas City, they stayed in touch by sending letters, talking on AIM, and calling each other every year after reuniting at TAF.
As their friendship grew so did their feelings, and the summer before Jessica’s freshman year, where she would be joining Alex at the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, they finally decided to make things official.

Now happier than ever, they are finally ready to tie the knot after a decade of dating and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

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how they asked

We got engaged on Friday, May 31, 2013 in San Francisco. For our proposal story, we turn to our friend Anna, who graciously chronicled how Alex proposed through her photography and blog: “Because many of our TAF friends were going to Napa for The French Laundry in the first week of June, Alex seized the opportunity to plan the surprise of a lifetime for Jessica, surrounded by many of their closest friends.

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The scene of the proposal: Lyon Street Steps in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Alex told Jessica that they had their own dinner plans for that night, so they went to Linda’s place near the steps to change. The rest of us all got into place, and I called pretending to be the restaurant to push back their reservation, which gave them the perfect excuse for Linda to casually suggest that they check out the view from the Lyon Street Steps. We all hid in our spots while they walked down the steps, and then we all emerged as Alex gave his speech and got down on one knee.

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It all went amazingly as planned! And afterwards, rather than head to their own dinner, they got to join an even bigger crowd of friends for a celebratory dinner in San Francisco.

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