Alex and Jacob

Image 1 of Alex and Jacob

How we met: Jacob and I were childhood friends. Our parents are best friends, so we grew up going on family vacations together every year. I remember telling my mom when I was 4 or 5 that I was going to marry Jacob one day. She would try to talk me down, but I insisted, “Mom, there’s no boy out there better than Jacob!”

how they asked: According to Jacob, the plan for the night was to “celebrate our two year anniversary of our first serious talk.” See, even though we grew up together, the majority of our conversations revolved around Nacho Libre quotes and really never anything very serious. So we had the date planned several weeks in advance and he told me he was taking me to dinner and a movie to celebrate. On the day of the date, he walked in to pick me up and he was as white as this page! He later told me that he was about to faint…We got in the truck to head out, but we started going the opposite direction of HOBBY LOBBY, so I was certain he had made a mistake or forgotten something at the house. So I began my usual questioning process, trying to figure out the plan, but Jacob insisted that I just let him surprise me (I still kept digging, but he was somehow able to play it cool and throw me off). On the way to our surprise location, he surprised me with an instant camera (that we have already had sooo much fun with)! I eventually ended up getting it out of him that we were still actually having dinner and a movie, but I still had no clue what all he had planned. So we where just cruising along some back roads (rather fast, with lots of “yee-yee”-ing, because he knew the sun was setting and the photographer was waiting at the location, but I just thought he was pretending to be one of the Duke boys, which would be nothing out of the ordinary..) When we finally get to where we are going, I walk up and see the CUTEST little spot set up in front of a big projector screen. When he told me we were watching a movie, I had no idea it would be a “movie” he made (the one below)! He started the video, we cried, we danced, we kissed (several times, as you will see in the pictures), cried some more, he asked me to marry him, and I said “YES”!!:) We then attempted to eat a the steak dinner Jacob cooked. but both of us were just to stinkin’ excited to eat hardly anything (with the exception of the chocolate covered strawberries he made for dessert, of course)…It was a night both of us will never forget.