Alex and Hunter

How We Met

Hunter and I met in the same Kindergarten class of a small private Lutheran church. Separate schools kept us apart until 8th grade, where we had different friend groups all through high school. After graduating from college, each of us moved back to our hometown in Oklahoma. Hunter messaged me on social media to reconnect, asking for a golf partner, I accepted! (with no golfing experience!) I made a fool of myself, but somehow managed to catch his eye!

how they asked

On our one year anniversary, Hunter took our families to dinner where we had our first date. It was sweet to join our families together for the night to celebrate our special occasion. After dinner, he had planned a photographer to meet us at the lighthouse to take “family” pictures of all of us together. After several group pictures, the photographer said “OK 1-2-3 everyone say “yes!”. Everyone said “yes!” and back away. Hunter asked to me stay where I was and spilled his heart out. He got down on one knee, and with tears in his eyes, asked me to marry him!

Alex's Proposal in Lake Hefner Lighthouse

Alex and Hunter's Engagement in Lake Hefner Lighthouse

Special Thanks

Kelsey Duncan