Alex and Houston

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How We Met

Houston and I met through some mutual friends. We saw each other out one night and he facebook stalked me. He started messaging me and at the time, I blew it off because I had given up on finding my Mr. Right.. We finally exchanged numbers and went out on our first date. We both have a love for Mexican food so it just seemed right that our first date would be at a Mexican restaurant. That night, I knew that Houston was my Mr. Right..

how they asked

I knew from the moment that Houston and I started seeing each other that he was the one. Everything was so right and perfect. A few months into our relationship, Houston shared a song with me but only part of it. He told me that I would hear this song in four parts and I would not know when the next part would come. The second part of the song was played on the night he told me he loved me. Then months and months went by and I never heard the third part until he got down on one knee at my favorite place in the world – Ocean Isle Beach. As I walked out to the beach, I saw eleven signs and he was standing at the edge of the water at the end of the signs. The signs were special notes of him pouring his heart out to me. I would read each one as I walked down towards him. When I got to him, he pulled out a sign and it said “will you marry me?” and he got down on one knee. I was so surprised by the proposal because Houston likes to keep me on my toes and told me that we would not get engaged for five years. In my mind, I am thinking I have to really love someone if they are going to make me wait five years for a ring. But, little did I know that he was full of it. A year and a half into our relationship and he was down on one knee. It was the best “yes” of my entire life. By the way, the special song that he plays for me is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Watson
 | Planning
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