Gina and Alex

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How We Met

We met on Tinder three years ago. I had recently moved to New York City and would see my co-workers always going out on Tinder-dates. I thought it’d be a great way to meet people in a new city so I gave it a shot. While Alex wasn’t the first person I matched with, he was the first person to ask me out. The rest is history. I like to think of our story as “love at first swipe”.

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how they asked

I had been planning a surprise party for Alex’s 30th birthday for three months. It was the first surprise party I had ever planned and was so excited about pulling it off with the help of his brother and sister-in-law. I even got custom napkins made with his baby picture on them! I told Alex I was taking him out to dinner for his birthday with the plan to surprise him with our families at the restaurant then surprise him again with all of our friends at a bar after.

On the day of the surprise, Alex suggested we take our dog for a walk before we headed out to dinner. I thought this was strange since we were dressed and ready to go but it was his birthday so I went along with it. During what I thought was a normal walk with our dog, Alex began to ramble and stumble over his words. By the time we reached the end of the pier which overlooks the East River and Manhattan, he was giving his proposal speech.

I was in complete shock. I don’t remember much of what he said, only that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in even more shock when he told me to ‘smile’ because a photographer was taking our picture! After the most amazing surprise engagement shoot, Alex told me the photographer was going to come up to our apartment to take more pictures in there as well. Little did I know that our families were in our apartment waiting to surprise me. My face when I see them says it all. I was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed by everything Alex had pulled off and now we were headed to dinner to celebrate. I thought I was still going to surprise HIM after dinner with the party but I was wrong. Alex had set this whole thing in motion by telling his brother to convince me to throw him a surprise party; he knew about everything and wanted the day to be for us, for our engagement.

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After dinner, we went to the bar where we had our first date. Alex thought it’d be sweet to show our families where we met but I wanted nothing more than to go to the bar where I thought all of our friends were waiting for the surprise. When we got to the bar, Alex led me down the stairs to where, upon opening the curtain, I saw every single person I had invited to his surprise birthday party. I was again in shock because this was not the bar where they were supposed to be. Everyone was wondering why I was the one crying – and then I held up my ring. Not only did he surprise me, he surprised all the guests as well, they all believed they were there for his birthday. Celebrating our engagement with our families and friends was so special and each surprise Alex pulled off that day blew me away. Alex tells me all the time how much he loves me but on that day he truly showed me. We can honestly say it was the best night of our lives…so far!

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Special Thanks

Shannon M West
 | Photographer