Alex and Geoff

how we met

We first met as high school juniors at our church when Geoff’s family moved to my hometown. We then had a Spanish class together and got to know each other at school and youth group.

how they asked

As I said earlier we had been dating for a little over 5 years. I knew what weekend it would be, but he had planned 3 different dates that weekend so I didn’t know exactly when it would be. St. Joseph, Michigan is a special place for us, and he chose to propose to me right by the beach that walks out to the lighthouse. He had arranged for my sister to be there to take pictures and everything. Unfortunately his phone died so we wandered around the beach trying to find the spot she had decorated and set up, but we did find it eventually! After he had proposed (and I said yes!), we then took turns washing each other’s feet, because we wanted to start our engagement/marriage serving each other.

Special Thanks