Erin and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met when we were both Seniors in high school and I can say without a doubt, that him and I were both love struck immediately. We wrote letters across the 250 miles that separated us until I moved to the Twin Cities where we both attended the same college for 2 years. Just after the first couple weeks of dating Alex, I knew that He would be the man I marry. I just knew it, and I know he knew it too. We had talked about getting married but we did’t know exactly when, I was just starting school and Alex still had 2 years of school ahead of him. On every date or outing we went on, I was optimistic that He would propose. But on the night it happened, I was totally unprepared!

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how they asked

It was November 11th, and we were going out to dinner for my birthday, which was two days later. I had on a new black dress I recently ordered and I left work early so I could come home to fix my hair before our dinner date. Alex let me choose the restaurant, Zelo’s, which is in downtown Minneapolis. As we drove into the city I noticed that he parked rather far away, but I didn’t think much of it because this way we had to cross over the Lyndale bridge. The Lyndale bridge is special for us, Alex says he loves me every time we drive under it because there is an engraving someone printed on it that says, “I LOVE YOU ERIN!” So I thought this was sweet and kind of him to have us walk across the Lyndale bridge on my birthday.

We ate at the restaurant and so enjoyed our time there, Alex kept checking his phone, but I was totally clueless and again, didn’t think anything of it. So we walked back after dinner in the freezing cold temps and as we were walking Alex suggests we dance. So as we are on the Lyndale Bridge we started dancing. It was magic. The city lights were illuminating the sky and the cars were zooming underneath us as we danced and laughed. Alex held me close and kept me warm in his arms. Then he stopped and he put both his hands on my arms and told me that he loved me very much and that he couldn’t wait anymore.

Butterflies flew inside of me and the moment was so surreal I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if it was true. Alex got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box containing the most beautiful ring in the world. He asked me to marry him. The moment I had dreamed of so many times before, it was upon me and I said yes! We held each other and cried and I asked him, “Are we really going to get married?!”

I’ve never felt so much joy and happiness as in that moment with my sweet boy, Alex, my future husband. <3

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