Alex and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I first met in high school at the local ice skating arena during our sophomore year. We met thru mutual friends, and i instantly had a crush on him. After a couple of group dates(because when you’re 15 and awkward and you’re parents don’t trust you alone) we became official-via MySpace ?

how they asked

We had just embarked on a 2-week road trip to celebrate my recent graduation from grad school, the end of his first year at the fire department, and upcoming 10 year anniversary. Our trip almost didn’t happen due to Hurricane Irma, but luck was on our side and we were able to go on our planned vacation. On our first hike of the trip, we woke up early and chose a trail at Paradise in Mt.Rainier national park. The day was beautiful and the views were breathtaking. As Florida kids, anything taller than a landfill amazes us.

I stopped at an overlook to cool off and take some photos. An older couple was passing by, and Dylan had asked them to take a video. We never do videos so I was surprised but I didn’t want to think too much into it. Well as I turned around, Dylan brought out a box from his pocket and kneeled down on one knee. Before I knew it tears were streaming down my face and I hugged him tight. Obviously, I said yes! It was the most beautiful and intimate moment for us, and time stood still. After a decade of dating, we’re now fiancées!

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