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How We Met

Drew and I met in college at the University of Kansas. Our roommates were dating, so we hung out a lot. One day our friends asked me if I would ever date Drew, and I had actually had a crush on him so I said yes! When I asked if they thought he would date me they acted funny, so I took that as a yes!

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how they asked

Ok, this requires a little back story for the full effect. When I graduated college Drew and I had been dating for three years. I moved to New York and he stayed in Kansas City and we were long distance for three more years. Drew visited me whenever he could, and every time we made sure to take a walk to Central Park, even one February when we got a ton of snow. NYC is my most favorite place in the world, but I eventually moved back to KC so we could really start our life together (and get a dog!) We got a puppy and an apartment and lived together for two years.

For my sister’s 21st birthday I took her on an amazing girl’s vacay to NYC. The trip was perfect. We did all our favorite things, and I got to take her to all the places I couldn’t before she was legal! On our last day, we went to Central Park. My mom called that morning and asked us to go to three spots and take pictures, Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge and Strawberry Fields to see the John Lenon Imagine tribute. Knowing the the route well, I told my sister we should go to Imagine last because it was on the edge of the park and we could hit it on the way out, but she insisted we go there first. I told her it didn’t make sense, but agreed to head that way. I made her stop and take a picture, and also got us lost, which was stressing her out because she knew my mom and Drew were waiting there with a huge crowd of about 40 tourists that decided to wait when they heard what was about the happen.

We finally got there and I said, “wow! So many people are here for a Tuesday afternoon!” Then I noticed someone had made a heart out of rose petals with two sunflowers in the middle. There are usually flowers there left by Beatles fans, but this arrangement was exceptionally beautiful. Finally I saw Drew standing there, and I shouted “what the hell!” I was COMPLETELY surprised and didn’t even realize what was happening until he started talking.

I was so emotional, and definitely ugly crying, so it was a good thing I hadn’t sunglasses on! We both can’t 100% remember what he said, because we got so caught up in the moment, but it was something like, “we’re in my favorite spot, in your favorite city, and I can’t imagine my life without you so, I wanted to ask you a question. Alexandra Esposito, will you marry me?” I said of course! And the whole crowd cheered! There was a guitarist there playing Beatles songs and he sang “Something” while Drew asked. We will definitely dance to that song at our wedding! Whenever Drew and I talked about getting engaged I told him WHATEVER you do, it has to be a surprise, which we knew would be hard because no one in my family can keep a secret! Major props to my sister / maid of honor, because she knew it was coming the whole trip, and didn’t even give it away when we saw my New York friends. Getting surprised in such a romantic and personal way was the best part! It was also cool to go back to the Strawberry Fields location tag and find posts of our proposal from strangers! We also found lots of picture of tourists with the flowers later that day. Then we saw someone had rearranged Drew’s flowers into a beautiful peace sign. It was so moving to see that our proposal became a part of people’s NYC memories, because some of my best memories are of NYC!

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