Alex and Drew

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How We Met

I met Drew pretty easily: I swiped right. He did, too, so naturally, it was a match. Duh! Drew and I both mentioned our height in our bios and included photos with our dog’s and niece’s on our profile, so we hit it off right away. It wasn’t that easy, however, I never took the app seriously, so ignored his message for a bit… but he was persistent. He asked me on a date to get sushi (my favorite), and after that night, we were inseparable. Thanks, Tinder!

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how they asked

A few Fridays ago, I took my sister’s high school graduation pictures while she was visiting us from Chicago. I am a photographer so we had this planned out for quite a bit. Originally, Drew and I had our anniversary pictures that day, but we rescheduled them for the fall because he said it would be better for the weather. I took my sister’s photos for about an hour in and out of rain, and near the end after I have already gotten restless, my sister INSISTED that we go over to this one last path cause it looked super pretty.

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I wasn’t wearing my contacts so I knew there was someone over there, but I literally thought we were intruding on someone else’s photos and yelled at my sister. I refused to walk anymore down the path, but then I recognized that it was Drew. I was completely SHOCKED and had no idea what was going on. I was like, “what the hell is he doing here too?” Then I was like “oh wait he is on his knee, do I go over there?” LOL.

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How slow could I have been? I was totally out of it at that point. Little did I know, at the end of the shoot at that path, it would lead to my fiancé proposing to me in front of my mom, brother, sister, and favorite photographer! Between the rain and the greenery, it was absolutely beautiful and it felt like a fairytale. Drew proposed with the David Yurman ring that I have had my eye on for years, and he got himself one as well so that we could match, and I STILL cannot stop looking at it. You could view all full res photos here.

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Special Thanks

Heather Pippin
 | Photographer
Marilyn Solano
 | Planning
Mariah Molina
 | Planning