Alex and Dillon

Proposal Ideas New York City (Brooklyn Bridge Park)

How We Met

I’m going to cry happy tears just thinking about it! I was doing an internship in Washington D.C. the summer after my junior year of college, and a new friend at church invited me to a barbecue at his house. I didn’t have many friends in D.C. at the time, and I figured it would be a great way to meet new people, so I went. Right as I walked through the gate and into the front yard, there was at least a dozen people around but I locked eyes with a tall, handsome, blonde guy who I thought looked familiar. After approaching him and chatting with him for a few minutes we realized we both go to BYU and we were even in the same church congregation a year earlier. Turns out, he was also there doing a summer internship! What are the odds? He introduced me to his friends and then I continued on to greet other people I knew at the party.

Later in the evening as things were dying down, Dillon found me again. I was feeling butterflies, I hadn’t felt those in awhile. “Some of us are going to rent city bikes and ride around the monuments in the city, you should join us?” He asked. Maybe too quickly and too eagerly I said yes. It It was a beautiful, warm June night. Dillon had this charm and wittiness about him as he shamelessly flirted with me all around the city that night. He completely swept me off my feet from that very first night, and then we spent almost every day after work together for the rest of the summer in D.C. We both returned to BYU for our final year and the rest is history!

Alex and Dillon's Engagement in New York City (Brooklyn Bridge Park)

how they asked

When Dillon got a job in New York City, I started looking as well. I made plans to fly out for interviews in February and Dillon decided to come with me for fun, although his job didn’t start for a few more months. I had interviews during the week then decided we could take a couple days over the weekend to play before going back to Utah. He decided to plan the activities for Saturday and I could plan the activities for Sunday. His plans totally defeated mine. The day started with brunch at a cute hole-in-the wall tavern, followed by a matinee of Les Miserables on Broadway. Then we went over to Brooklyn Bridge Park to walk around the waterfront at sunset. He knows I love skyline views and sunsets, so both of those things combined was just perfect. I guess he knew that I’d ask a stranger to take a picture of us on my phone, because I always do, but as we were standing there posing for a picture he turned and got down on one knee… I was SHOCKED.

I couldn’t even process the cute things he was saying because I was already shaking/crying. I might have blacked out but I vaguely remember him asking me to marry him and me saying YES!

(Also, the lady who I asked to take our picture was totally surprised by this turn of events and let out a little gasp, but she did an awesome job of taking more and more pictures as it was happening.)

We walked blissfully over to my surprise dinner reservation at The River Cafe, a gorgeous fine dining restaurant on the water tucked under the Brooklyn Bridge with an incredible view of the city. The day was perfect in every way.

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