Alex and Derek

How We Met

We met on Hinge, both of us looking for something fun and not serious. After the first date, we knew we had ruined eachothers plans. We made a second date for the next day… and everyday after that. We are best friends, we laugh, we smile, we cry, we get angry and stressed, but we do it together.

Image 1 of Alex and Derek

how they asked

Derek took my away for a romantic weekend because we had both been stressed with work. He told me we were going to indulge and just have time for the two of us. He woke me up at 5 am on Saturday morning to go on a sunrise hike. As we were driving there, it ended up being raining, cold, and cloudy, no sunrise view. We climbed down a very narrow trail to a less than flat rock to have a picnic breakfast. After everything was all set up he started tearing up and telling me how much he loved me. He turned around, pulled out a little blue box, got down on one knee, and I immediately started sobbing. It was the absolute most perfectly, unperfect moment.

Image 2 of Alex and Derek