Alex and Denver

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How We Met

So once upon a time… Just kidding, but if on the off chance that Disney is looking for a new fairy-tale, this one would make a pretty awesome movie. Long here we go… Denver and I met at the end of summer in 2015 in Auburn, AL. Some of my girlfriends and I went to Wine Night on a random Tuesday (funny how this was the night I would meet my future husband without even knowing it!). So, turns out that we were both spending one of the last nights of freedom out on the town before fall classes began. We hit it off great, and he even asked me to the first football game of the season. Some time went by before we actually saw each other again or even spoke. Now granted, I wasn’t sure if that was because somehow I messed up giving him my number or if he thought that I was crazy & never wanted to speak to me again (or I just totally read the situation wrong because ya know, wine night..).

After a few weeks, I bumped into him at his fraternity’s band party. Come to find out… not him. Long story short, he has an identical twin who I obviously knew nothing about… so that was a fun realization in addition to finding out that I did, indeed mess up putting my number into his phone (again.. wine night my friends). After re-introducing himself, I knew that he was someone special. After that night, we talked constantly (yes, I corrected my number in his phone hehe) and spent as much time together as possible. We were dating after about a week and it’s been going strong ever since :) So needless to say, we’ve come so far since our first football game together in 2014 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you beyond words Denver Norris and I cannot wait to be your wife!!

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how they asked

My sweet Denver planned the most incredible proposal for me. He invited all of our friends and family to be involved. Poor guy was on a group text with my best friends and our moms… so you know he’s a keeper.

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Auburn will always hold a special place in our hearts and I couldn’t imagine anywhere better to have this special memory. I was blown away and couldn’t hold back the tears. I had been looking forward to this day since the day I met him. It is a dream come true. My parents were in on the surprise and helped him by taking me to dinner before and then bringing me to this VERY surprising proposal! The weather was a huge concern for them because it had been raining for weeks and had a 90% chance of rain for the day of the proposal.

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Luckily, my God came through and held off the rain. As soon as he got off his knee, the sky fell out. It didn’t even bother me (and if you know me, that’s shocking because rain and I really aren’t friends), but obviously I was on cloud 9 at the time.

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So, I basically got every girls dream… getting engaged to the love of my life & getting kissed in the rain.

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