Alex and David

how they asked: We Finally closed on our new house the day before and it had been delayed about 2 weeks. Moving went pretty smoothly with help from friends, but that night he was chewing on his nails (Something he does when hes nervous or stressed) and i knew something was up. He was asking me odd questions the past few weeks too. Like “what is your favorite shirt of mine?”, “what is your favorite meal that your mom cooks?”, “what is your favorite non weekend day of the week?” So i figured it might hapPen soon but of course wasn’t sure.

I am a teacher so I was at school all day. i was in the middle of a math lesson when the secretary brought me some flowers. My kids started oohing and ahhing asking me what the note said. It said “these are just because you are so special to me. I just wanted you to know i am thankfUl for everythIng you do for me. I love you Alex!”

Image 1 of Alex and David

I called him During lunch to tell him thank you for the flowers but his voice sounded kind of weird but I didn’t think too mUch of it.

The realtor texted me and sAid she needed to meet me that evening to sign a paper that we missed at closing the day before. She said she would meet me at the house at 4. When i got home, the reAltor wasn’t there, but both of david’s cars were. I went inside and there were Rose pedals on the steps and a huge poster with pictures of us. Then i turned the corner and he was waiting (in the Flannel shirt that i told him was my favorite) and the words “will you marry me?” Written in pink paint on the wall! I said “whaaat why did you write that?” And he said “come here silly.” Then he gave the sweetest speech and got ChOked up when he asked me. Obviously i said yes.

We were so excited! Then my sisters came out of one of the rooms and helped Us take some pictures.

Then we All drove to my parents house where some family friends were waiting to congratulate us. My mOm had my favorite meal prepared (AnOther one of those odd questions he asked). We celebrated with friends and it was an awesome day!

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