Alex and Courtney

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How we met

The exact date and time of our first time meeting is debatable. Courtney says it was in 2008 at a small get together in Arizona, but I thinks it was in Spring of 2011 in Washington. Though I’ll never admit it, I think that Courtney is probably right on this one. However, we both agree that we met through a mutual friend who Courtney went to college with and I went to grade school through high school with. One thing is for sure, we have been infatuated with each other ever since and could not imagine life without each other now.

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We truly got to know each other when I moved to Denver, Colorado where Courtney was completing her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Denver University. We quickly fell in love and built a relationship rooted in playing in the mountains. Be it skiing, rock climbing, hiking, rafting, or spending a lazy day at home, we love spending time with each other (and still do!) We continue to grow as a couple by frequently adventuring in the outdoors, supporting each other on our professional journeys, and most importantly sharing love with each other on the day to day.

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how they asked

Simply put, Alex and I decided to get married over the summer of 2016 and booked a venue before any formal engagement had been conducted. We were just going to get married! We quickly locked down a wedding venue, caterer, DJ, and photographer and got back to living our day to day lives. Not engaged, but getting married! Months later, we went to take our “engagement photos” at Smith Rock in central Oregon. This is a truly special place to both of us, where we’ve shared many memories hiking and climbing with friends and family.

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So without having formally been engaged and without my engagement ring, we headed to Bend, Oregon to take the pictures. We had been working with a jeweler to finish my custom ring, and I was BUMMED that my ring was not finished yet. Little did I know that the feeling was all part of Alex’s plan and he had the ring in his pocket! He had worked with our photographer (Jen from Gorge-us Photography) to surprise me during the photoshoot with the ring and a formal engagement.

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During the photo session, Jen and Alex were secretly looking for the perfect spot for the engagement, and then it was go time. Jen told us to “look natural” and “love on each other.” What does that even mean? Moments later, Alex was on one knee, and I was speechless. I quickly said yes, and it was a moment we will never forget!

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Special Thanks

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