Alex and Chris

How We Met

I met Chris when he became the manager of the restaurant I worked at. I hated him. He was pompous and an ass. He did grow on me as he mentored me and helped me professionally and personally. After Chris left the restaurant we kept in touch. A few years later Chris changed careers that brought him back to Tampa. Since we had remained in contact during that time it made sence that we would spend time together. During that time our relationship grew into a love that I know is the greatest and will last forever.

how they asked

Chris had been telling me for weeks that we had to pick up his friends at the airport on a Saturday morning. To my amazement as I am looking for his friends Chris stops the car and I am staring at what looks like my longest friend from Kansas but did not comprehend. Chris then says happy early birthday. Still confused but realizing that my friend is standing confront of me I jumped out of the car and hugged her. As we left the airport Chris said he also purchased tickets for a night safari at Busch Gardens. We were able to watch and learn from our tour guides as they fed the hippo, lions and other animals. We then went on the truck part of the tour where we fed a giraffe named Bahtiti. Then came the part of the tour that Gabe the tour guide said would change our lives forever. There is a campfire circle on the Serengeti part of the park. There we listened to stories of the mole queen and tribes of Africa. The tour guide asked for a volunteer and after no one did Chris surprised me by saying he would. They asked me to be involved as well. Had me stand on a bench and told Chris to ask whatever question comes to mind. He dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring of my dreams. I was so in shock I didn’t even let him finish before I said ABSOLUTELY! He looked up.and said I haven’t even asked yet. The staff at Busch Gardens was amazing as they supplied us with a champagne toast to end the tour. Chris didn’t stop there as he had many of our friends at a near by bar to continue the celebration. I don’t think I could ask for a more thoughtful and amazing proposal .

Special Thanks

Fred and Gabe
 | They were the tour guides that helped plan the surprise