Alex and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met through a mutual friend in November 2010, and though he made several attempts to flirt with me that evening, I was having none of it. That evening was, however, the beginning of a wonderful 7 years of friendship. There were many late nights spent together watching movies or marathoning cartoons until it was 2am, and talking about everything. It was during many of these conversations that he would give me perhaps some of the best life advice I had ever received. I valued him greatly for that. Ours was a friendship that withstood the test of time. We could go weeks or months without talking or seeing each other, but the moment we got together it was as if nothing was missed. He was a dear and cherished friend. I did, however, have a bad habit of shooting down every single hypothetical instance he presented, not realizing that the one I was trying to convince was myself. I hadn’t yet come to realize how much I loved him and was in complete denial. It wasn’t until we spent a solid year and a half apart that I finally realized that I truly did love him. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I finally realized, looked to my best friend for advice, hit send, and here we are. Before we got engaged, we were together for just over 11 months of smooth sailing and bliss. This has been the easiest relationship ever, no huge fights, only calm discussions about feelings and disagreements. We’ve always come out on top, and I thank our long friendship for that.

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how they asked

The proposal was more perfect than I could ever imagine. We had gone to the local Redwoods for an anniversary photo shoot that I had planned, but what I didn’t know was that he was planning to pop the question. He and my best friend had been planning for months, setting up the perfect proposal and doing their best to throw me off the trail. They succeeded. My best friend had created signs to hold during the photos that read “First Date”, “Day We Met”, that sort of thing, which I was fully aware of. What I didn’t know was that she had had another sign that she had kept hidden till the very end.

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The entire day was wonderful but it all hit a crescendo with him down on his knee, me in disbelief, and a sign saying “The day she said yes”. I still remember what he said when he got down on his knee. “Most people spend their whole lives looking for someone who is smart or beautiful or fun, and I’m the luckiest man to have found someone who is all those things and more”. I was over the moon. I still am. My love is beautiful and it grows in depth and beauty every day.

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Special Thanks

AJ Reilly
 | Photographer
Becky Betton
 | Planning