Carolina and Alex

Carolina's Proposal in on an 8-day eastern Caribbean cruise

How We Met

My now fiancé (not sure I’ll EVER be tired of saying that!) and I met 14 years ago and never thought we’d fall so deep in love. Alex and I met in the sixth grade at our small private school. Throughout middle and high school, we got to know each other but remained friends until our freshman year in college.

In college, Alex and I were a handful of friends that attended the same university, Florida International University. We talked often, became close friends and even sometimes walked together to class or caught a study break together. Then one day, thinking nothing of it, I invited him as a friend to a work function I had that evening—he (of course) said yes. That night our connection and chemistry was undeniable, yet neither one of us knew what was happening. The next night, we spent more time together at a party. Unfortunately for us, he had a prior commitment and had to leave early. But, a few minutes after he was gone, I received a text that made mention of giving me a “proper goodbye”. My heart beat out of my chest and the next thing I knew, we shared our first kiss. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Throughout the last seven years, we’ve experienced happiness, sadness, more laughs than I can mention and unforgettable adventures and memories.

how they asked

Each year, Alex and I indulge and treat ourselves to a vacation together—just the two of us. This year, we decided to skip the lengthy itinerary-planning and booked an 8-day eastern Caribbean cruise. On our first full day at sea, Alex decided to wake up early and bring us breakfast in bed. But, unfortunately for him, he forgot his room key inside the room and needed me to open the door upon his return. Once he arrived, breakfast in hand, we decided to eat together on our balcony. Alex said he left his water in the room and went back inside the cabin. Next thing I know I hear a knock on the door and I walk inside to see what he needed and that’s when I saw him.

My loving boyfriend of seven years was down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring alongside rose petals that spelled out “MARRY ME?” My nerves kicked in and all I could do was smile, laugh and kiss him! This was the moment we all hope and pray we may experience, and I was lucky to have it—with my best friend, my love and my soul mate. What’s more, in true Alex fashion, he asked for my father’s blessing beforehand, and somehow that made our union so much sweeter.