Alex and Caleb

Image 1 of Alex and CalebHow we met: Caleb and I met in kindergarten. We went to a small private school together our entire lives. In second grade Caleb cut me out a heart made of paper. I kept it in my pencil box the rest of the year, but didn’t tell anyone about the heart. Crazy that the little boy sitting next to me in second grade would later become my husband. We basically had a crush on each other all through elementary school. Finally at the end of sixth grade Caleb asked me to be his girl friend. I freaked out obviously, and called my mom before saying yes or no. We dated all through middle school, and we’re each others first kiss in the eighth grade. We date in ninth grade as well. In tenth grade we broke up. It was traumatic of course and devastating. This obviously did not last that long. By eleventh grade we were back together. From this point on we have been inseparable. Our junior year of college Caleb proposed to me on our anniversary. Now we are about to graduate and start our lives together.

how they asked: Caleb knew we were going to marry each other for a long time, that was never a question. We fought with our parents to get married out of high school, that clearly did not work out how we wanted. Caleb’s parents told us “if your in love now, you will be in love in four years.” So we waited, and waited. We had talked about getting engaged in the spring of 2014 and having our wedding the following spring. That was always the plan, well that’s what I thought was the plan. Every year we always went to our favorite restaurant on our anniversary. So December 27,2013 I assumed would be the same. The day before I went and got a new dress and we “made reservations.” I got ready that night planning to go to dinner like we always did. When Caleb arrived at my house to pick me up I was STARVING. I would have eaten anything at this point. Then Caleb tells me he forgot his wallet at his house so we had to go back and get it. His house was totally out of the way so I was not a happy camper about this. I begged for him to let me pay for it, and he refused he said he had to get his wallet. I didn’t really think anything about it though. Caleb is the kind if guy that opens the door for me and always pays for dinner. So I finally agreed to drive out of the way to get his wallet. The car ride there was normal my feet were on the dash and I was singing. Clearly I had no clue what was going to happen. Caleb lives on a lot if land, and his drive way is about a quarter of a mile long. So as we pull in he turns off his lights as soon as we pulls in. I keep asking why are your lights off Caleb, turn them back on. Caleb nerve replies just drives quietly until he stops the truck and comes over and opens my door. I get out of the car and big lights turn on.

Image 2 of Alex and Caleb

The lights say “WILL YOU MARRY ME” the i turn and look at Caleb and he is in his knee with the ring in hand. Caleb had spent months making theses signs for me. They were the most beautiful lights I had ever seen. Now I am so happy our parents made us wait. Because I was in love with him then and I am still in love with him now.