Alex and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met back in high school. It was the summer before I went into my sophomore year and he was going into his senior year. Me and my two best friends at the time were invited out on a blind group date. Upon meeting the group, I saw Brandon and immediately hoped that he was my date. Unfortunately, he was set up with my best friend and I was extremely jealous. A few weeks passed of us hanging out with this new group and Brandon and I started talking more and more. Whenever we were together I just wanted to be around him. He was an exact replica of what I thought my perfect guy would be. I found out later that he felt the same way about me. It was like we were drawn to each other.

One day, we went to the zoo with the same group that had gone on the blind date a few weeks earlier. Brandon and I spent the day together running around, looking at the animals, making jokes and playing in the play areas. It was so fun and so easy and I was so happy when I was with him. We both knew that day that meeting each other would change our lives forever. I knew that I loved him from the day that I met him, even though he wasn’t exactly mine. He asked me to be his girlfriend on August 20th, which quickly became one of the best days of my life. We dated that whole year up until he left on his mission the following summer. He left, but I knew our story didn’t end there.

how they asked

Brandon and I love going on adventures. We both love the beach, the ocean, and traveling. One of our favorite things is to walk on the beach together. Brandon invited me on his family trip to Newport, California for the week of the 4th of July. Towards the end of the week on Friday night, Brandon told me that we were going to go with just his parents to a fun dessert place right on the ocean. We left the rest of the group and headed to Crystal Cove beach. Brandon told his parents that we wanted to have some time together and take a walk on the beach. Walking and holding hands, Brandon talked to me about us. We talked about our favorite dates, our favorite memories and even funny moments back in high school. We were kissing and laughing and the sun was setting in the distance. Further down the beach we noticed a candle lit pathway leading to lit circle in the sand.

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Brandon continued on towards it telling me how great I was and how happy I make him. When we reached the center of the circle, he told me that he loved me as he got down on one knee.

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He pulled out the ring, looked up at me with a smile bigger than I have ever seen and asked me to marry him.

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With tears, I answered that of course I would marry him. I couldn’t believe it. My dream guy who I loved since I was fifteen years old asked me to be his forever on the beach at Crystal Cove. It was the best night of my life.

Special Thanks

Abby Daynes
 | Set up on the beach