Alex and Austin

How We Met

We first met from typical social media these days… I worked at a movie theater and she dm’d me asking when a certain movie came out and I felt that was my chance to keep conversation going and see if I could set a spark between us. I always thought she was absolutely beautiful but wasn’t going to make the first move. She was shy at first so our first date involved one of her friends tagging along, we went to the drive in and ate snacks while awkwardly sitting there. Once her friend fell asleep we laid there looking at the stars and talked for 3 hours straight learning each others lives. At that moment we connected so well I knew what we could potentially be.

How They Asked

The proposal was a major surprise. Since we started dating we have gone to the botanical garden to look at the Christmas lights and every year we have taken the same picture under these gorgeous lights, that go around you like an altar. Well this year as of December 6th she had a work party in the conference room well I was “attending to be there for her,” when in reality I stole her and asked her to go look at the lights before it was busy. One of my friends tagged along and I had him take pictures throughout for us so she would be clueless. Once we reached our destination of the annual picture we took the same pic, after that I asked to take one more but instead he started recording, I then grabbed her hands and proposed and kissed her under the lights and captured the perfect moment.

Special Thanks

Shelby Laine Photography
 | Photography