Alex and Austin

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How We Met

Now that I can look back and see our journey from the day we met up until the present I can’t help but see how beautifully orchestrated and divinely ordained our story truly is. Our story began where all good stories do, The University of Alabama. I remember this day so vividly because it was move-in day and I was about to start my freshman year of college. It was my first semester away from home and I couldn’t wait to try life out on my own. (I’m sure my parents had very different feelings this day..probably sheer terror leaving an 18 year old girl to fend for herself at their alma mater. Having been there themselves, they had no misconceptions about college life in Tuscaloosa). I was taking things inside our condo when this guy walked out two doors down. I remember thinking I really lucked out getting to live next to this hottie, and my parents thought their fears had been confirmed. Soon we were all talking out front and Austin’s charm got the best of my parents. They left feeling that they too had hit the jack pot on a neighbor for me. A very respectful young man from Montgomery starting his sophomore year promising to look out for me. Shortly after this encounter I realized I had seen/met Austin a few times before with mutual friends, almost like God was planting little seeds along the way. The next four years were spent together at football games and date parties, pulling all nighters to clean before our parents came to town, oh yeah, and a few classes here and there. We were best friends and saw each other nearly every single day. Our friends and families were constantly asking why we weren’t dating, but we would laugh it off and say we’re just friends. After college I moved back to Birmingham to start my life in Real Estate and Austin moved to Vail, Colorado. We kept in touch and I got to visit him while he was there. We had the best time and while I loved having the excuse to come visit, I begged him to move back to Alabama. When that day finally came, 3 years later, we picked up right where we left off. We went to visit some of our best friends in Nashville, TN and on the way home Austin asked if we should try this thing out as more than friends. Knowing that we had our friendship on the line I was a little hesitant to risk it, but then I realized no one knows me better than him and he loves me anyway. So, almost 12 years after the day we met I get to marry my best friend!

How They Asked

Austin and I love to go play golf when the weather is nice outside. Well, he plays golf and I enjoy a cold drink in the golf cart. We visit Pursell Farms regularly and one weekend we had his brother and sister in law in town visiting. We took them for a fun day of golfing and as we got to the gorgeous fifth hole Austin told me to hit the ball. To all of our surprise it was a great shot! When I turned around he grabbed my hand and told me how excited he was about our future plans and how he couldn’t wait to get started. He got down on one knee and I said “Yes!”