Alex and Ashley's Maui Proposal

How We Met

Last summer I was the Maid of Honor for my best friend. I thew her bachelorette party in Las Vegas, where I lived at the time. While we were partying on Saturday at Encore Beach Club (where I actually worked at the time, but was off for the weekend), we met Alex and his friends because their bottle service table was right next to ours. Our table was full of pretty ladies, but most of which were already engaged or married. Alex struck up a conversation with me and asked where my ring was, and I answered “There hasn’t been one. Because I know what I’m worth and haven’t found that yet”, in my typical sassy persona. We then chatted about how we both thought that marriage wasn’t necessarily for us. We all had a good time that day, and Alex invited me and my group to join he and his friends that evening. We met them at XS Nightclub later that night, and hung out some more. At one point we found a bridal veil and Alex dropped to one knee and fake proposed to me while I was wearing it. How ironic! When that ended, we decided to go to an after-hours spot, obviously just trying to extend our time together. We ended up hanging out until 8am. Image 1 of Ashley and Alex

how they asked

For my birthday in May, Alex and I went to dinner and a play and in his birthday card to me, Alex wrote “I want this birthday gift to be the gift that keeps on giving.” In the card at dinner, I found my birthday gift to be a trip to Maui! I was so excited, but we had to wait until my work season ended for us to go, which was in October. So after six months of anticipation, we finally got to go! One morning he told me that we had dinner reservations at a resort up the coast about a half mile and that we would take nice walk along the coast to get there. He knew how much I wanted to take pics and that this would be a good opportunity so I should look nicely, how I would want to in the pics I wanted to take. So I got pretty and we started on our walk, stopping to take pictures and enjoy the view several times. At one point, along the path we were walking, was a wedding. So we stopped and watched for a few minutes. When we got closer to the resort we were going to, we decided to walk along the beach. Halfway along the beach Alex stopped and turned to me and said “You know how I told you I wanted this to be the gift that kept giving? First it was dinner, then the play, then Maui and (a few other gifts he had given me). Well there is one more thing I want to give you..and it’s my love forever.” At which point I said “I’ll take it!” and tried to give him a kiss. He didn’t pucker up and respond like I thought he would, but instead then dropped to one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocked and proposed there on the beach. He said some other nice things, but I think I kind of went into shock and just stared at him. I even had my hand on my head in disbelief. After (finally) answering him, he turned around to show me the photographer that had been secretly following us the whole walk and taking pictures of the whole thing. We then had an hour photoshoot with her all along the beach and coast and got our engagement photos. It was magical.

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