Alex and Andrew

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How We Met

Alex and Andrew were what you would call a “match” made in heaven. They met on in September of 2014. Andrew convinced Alex through playful banter to meet him for some delicious hot chocolate at Eataly in New York City. After the pair realized that one cup of hot chocolate simply wasn’t enough, they walked over to their local speakeasy for some bellinis and manhattans. Andrew knew from their first date that Alex was the one. Alex reported back to her friends that Andrew was unlike anyone else she had every met. That started their whirlwind romance that has led them from Friday Night Date Nights to New Orleans Saints football games with Andrew’s family, the Jumbotron of the University of North Carolina, also with Andrew’s family, celebrating the New Year at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, sailing off the coast of Turkey, eating their way through Taormina, Italy, sitting in a tree stand in Albany and eventually to a very romantic proposal on the sands of Rye Beach.

how they asked

Andrew knows that Alex loves scavenger hunts and the beach. Alex was told that on Thanksgiving, she and her family would be interviewed for the local newspaper for the work they have done in the community as attorneys and that they would all have to be dressed up for the picture. When she came downstairs on the morning of Thanksgiving, as the photographer and videographer recorded Alex, she was surprised to see a rose and a letter with her name on it. She opened the letter and found a clue which told her to go to her favorite bakery. This led to a brilliant scavenger hunt that incorporated her entire family. The last clue told Alex to go to the beach. What she found there surpassed her wildest dreams. There was Andrew in a suit and tie on the beach inside a giant heart made from red rose pedals. Inside the heart, Andrew asked Alex to marry him using the same ring box Alex’s father used to ask her mother. Alex jumped up and down and emphatically shouted, “Yes!”

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