Alex and Andrew

Image 1 of Alex and AndrewHow We Met: Andrew and I both attended college in Atlanta (Georgia Tech and Agnes Scott). We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, and a few days after my birthday he picked me up at the front loop of my college. We didn’t plan very well because I had no idea what he looked like or what he would be driving. An older model Volvo station wagon pulled up in front of me, and the driver asked “Are you Alex?” The funny part of our first meeting is that Andrew and my dad drove the same older model volvo that I had been making fun of since I was 10 years old. My parents still laugh when we tell this story. We walked through downtown Decatur and ended up at my favorite frozen yogurt shop. Andrew still won’t admit that he didn’t care much for the frozen yogurt, but I noticed he didn’t eat any of it. We spent a while talking about ourselves, our families, and what we wanted in the future. By the end of the night, Andrew had a melted bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt, and I had a heart full of excitement.

how they asked: Andrew and I were spending the week with his family in Savannah, GA. I had just finished my first year of medical school, and he was finishing his 2 year training program at work. This vacation couldn’t have happened at a better time. On one of our last days in Savannah, we decided to take advantage of restaurant week. Andrew made dinner reservations, but before dinner he took me to another restaurant overlooking the Savannah River. The view was amazing, and I loved watching the ships. After admiring the view, we made our way to Forsyth Park. We walked under the oak trees to the beautiful, historic fountain.

Image 2 of Alex and Andrew

We somehow ended up on the subject of our first date. He began telling me how worried he was when he pulled up to Agnes Scott because he didn’t know which person I was. He began to get down on one knee and said, “I’m glad I picked up the right one, Alex will you marry me?”

Image 3 of Alex and Andrew

I’m a nervous laugher, so I began to laugh which quickly turned into me crying.

Image 4 of Alex and Andrew

Everyone around began to clap, and then we heard his cousin, Ali, cheering from the crowd. She was able to capture the entire event with her camera. It was a perfect end for our vacation, and a perfect beginning for our lives.

Image 5 of Alex and Andrew
Image 6 of Alex and Andrew

Photos by Alison Scott