Alex and Amanda

How We Met

We knew of each other for years before we started dating because we attended the same middle school and we were both on the cross country/track teams in high school. Fast forward to April 2009: it was track season and prom asking season. Alex noticed a lot of his friends on the track team were taking dates to prom. He decided he also wanted to go to prom in May, but who should he ask? Even though he barely knew her, he thought he would ask Amanda because she was a talented and cute runner on the girls track/cross country team and seemed nice. He waited at her locker on an April morning with flowers and asked Amanda to prom. She accepted. Amanda and Alex hung out a few times in groups and at track meets leading up to prom. They went to prom together as friends and did not expect to be anything but friends after the night ended. But something was special about that night in May 2009 and they both felt it. Alex realized that night he wanted to hang out with Amanda more and asked her on an “official” movie date the following week. Amanda eagerly accepted. That night (May 9, 2009) Alex asked Amanda to be his girlfriend and over 8 years later they have not looked back.

Image 1 of Alex and Amanda

how they asked

On the morning of October 9th, 2016 Amanda and Alex both woke up before 5 am. Amanda had to report to the first Chicago Marathon water stop to volunteer by 5:30 am with Alex’s mom, Mat’s mom, and Alex’s sister Erin (who made a surprise apperance!). Amanda was confused why Alex woke up extra early since he was running the marathon with Mat and did not need to be up until 5:30 am. Alex claimed he had to grab some “throw away warmups” from his mom’s car and at the time Amanda did not think much of it. Little did she know Alex was giving the ring to his mom for safe keeping… Amanda hopped into car clueless about the day ahead. The day seemed relatively normal and this was Amanda’s third time volunteering at the marathon, so she knew the drill. After the race ended, Alex’s mom, Erin, Mat’s mom, and Amanda went into the post-race party to find and congratulate Alex and Mat. Once Amanda found the boys, she volunteered to locate a snack for Alex and Mat. It was the perfect time for Alex’s mom to return the ring to Alex! Once Amanda returned, she gave Alex his snack and was confused that he didn’t want it. She asked if he wanted a beer instead. Alex said sure, but that he wanted to walk with Amanda to grab it. Amanda said it was not necessary, but Alex insisted anyway… Once Amanda and Alex were out of the giant post-race crowd, Alex got down on his knee and proposed. Amanda was shocked and excited. And of course the answer was YES! Running was how they met in high school over 7.5 years ago and Alex wanted their proposal to occur surrounding one of their favorite common interests. Amanda is still in awe that Alex was able to get down on one knee after running a marathon…

Image 2 of Alex and Amanda