Alex and Alyssa

How We Met

We met online, Catholic Match. I actually messaged Alex and he didn’t respond for two weeks, he didn’t have a membership anymore so paid for a three-month membership just to respond to me lol.

how they asked

Alex: Alyssa loves Chicago (as do I) I remember when we were out for her birthday I asked her what her favorite place was in Chicago and she told me millennium park. And that’s when the planning started. The proposal went fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. Seeing the surprise on Alyssa’s face and having our family there to experience it with us really made it special for us.

Alyssa: It was the best surprise I have ever experienced! Alex gave me the world that day! It was a complete surprise and total shock! The fact that Alex knew how special Chicago and the season of Christmas meant to me, to us and having our family there to celebrate at that moment with us.

Special Thanks

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