Alex and Alosha

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How We Met

Alex and Alosha met at his little brother’s soccer game. Alex asked if she could sit with him because she didn’t have anyone to sit with! Eventually, they started going to all the games together and started playing soccer together…the rest is history…aka he finally convinced her to be his girlfriend!

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how they asked

Alosha proposed in the gazebo area of downtown Woodstock—most of their relationship was us just hanging out doing low key things like playing soccer, playing with his little brothers, or her niece, or eating pizza at one of their houses. So he wanted the proposal to be just as chill. He took Alex to the gazebo, had a picnic set up and they just talked and eventually, he proposed—Alex didn’t think he was going to propose till the fall (it was June) so she tried to convince him not to do it. Because she was afraid of change! He did anyway! She said yes and their whole family came out and each gave Alex a rose!

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The two eloped in Charleston, South Carolina four months ago and now live in Woodstock, GA. Alosha is a soccer coach, who is finishing college, and majoring in communications. Alex works for a company called Idisciple, as a senior account manager. They like to play soccer together. And a new hobby of theirs is working on a house they just bought together.

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