Alex and Alicia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in (Friends) Becky & Greg's apartment

How We Met

Alex and I met through mutual friends in college when we were both taking classes at Lansing Community College. My classmate and colleague, Annescia was dating Alex’s best friend, Taryl. Alex and Taryl have known each other since kindergarten! After late night classes, I would go over to Annescia’s to spend the night studying, and watching something on the TV, but it eventually turned into a social night. Annescia, Taryl, our friend Ivy and I would cook, eat and socialize or have game/movie night after classes every Tuesday. It was “us four and no more” until one day, I came over after classes and there was this quiet, strange guy sitting in the living room, keeping to himself. I ignored him. Annescia and I prepared our Tuesday evening meal and watched TV. We were briefly introduced, but the memory is very fuzzy since I paid little attention to the strange, scruffy-looking guy. Little did I know that this was all a set-up that everyone knew about but me…but I was too busy with my college program to even notice….or care. Truthfully, I was intrigued, but I was not about to give him the time of day. And I didn’t….until I realized that he was just going to keep on coming over for our Tuesday night social, and be awkwardly introverted.

Alicia's Proposal in (Friends) Becky & Greg's apartment

After a few weeks, Alex would bring food and snacks to social night and pitch in. I started noticing how he would clean up after us slobs when we would prep a meal and leave the kitchen dirty. Alex would come in after us and clean up the dishes, etc. I thought…this wasn’t even his kitchen! It was his quiet, sweet nature that I began to notice and I thought he was very kind, the fact that he would clean up after us girls and he just kept coming around, every Tuesday. I think I can remember a few times when he would try to sit by me at the dining room table and I would cleverly try to avoid him. One night he actually brought me an entire chocolate pudding pie and he brought lasagna for our social night! I guess you could say he won me over with the pie. The 5 of us would have a great time playing games or watching movies until midnight. Taryl would always talk so highly of his best friend and it wasn’t too long before I connected with Alex through Facebook.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in (Friends) Becky & Greg's apartment

Then one night, Alex asked me if I would go to dinner with him, but not a Tuesday night social dinner, just the two of us….and I finally gave in and said, “Why not?” (because I truthfully thought it would only happen one time and one time only since I was very busy with my classes and I was not about to get in a relationship until I had graduated, or at least that was the goal.) I was one semester away from graduating and keeping my goal. I had broke my own goal when we started dating in November of 2013. Our first date: Alex picked me up from campus on his crotchrocket (yes, not even kidding, probably just trying to impress me) and we drove around downtown and ate at Applebee’s where we made awkward small talk.

I thought the date was over but he surprised with with indoor mini golfing! It was the perfect ice-breaker. The date didn’t end there. We tried to find a coffee house but all were closed, so we chatted about our lives on LCC’s campus picnic tables and it was there that I learned about this scruffy…..but sweet, Christian gentleman. We talked for so long about our families, school, our jobs. I am so grateful that I paid attention, because I almost let him slip by. Still to this day, we double-date with Taryl and Annescia, and I am forever grateful for the introduction and their role-playing of Cupid with Alex and I.

how they asked

Alex surprised me with his proposal of marriage on New Year’s Eve (2016-17) at exactly midnight when we were having a game night with our Irish friend’s, Becky and Greg at their apartment in downtown Lansing. After we had played board games, chatted, ate chocolate and drank tea, Alex grabbed my hands at midnight exactly, and I was only expecting the traditional “New Year’s Eve kiss” when Alex got on one knee (in our friend’s livingroom) and told me how much he loved me, while simultaneously pulling out a ring box and asked me if I would help him “RING in the New Year!”

I was surprised because Christmas had come and gone and I was certain it would be Christmas, so I had made the decision that I couldn’t wait a bit longer.