Alex and Aaron

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How We Met

I met Aaron on a dating app called ‘Coffee Meets Bagel.’ We had actually “liked” each other in June 2015, but I didn’t see he had messaged me until August 2015. I was getting so discouraged about not finding any one on the app that I deactivated my profile for a bit. I reactivated it because I received an email stating a bagel “liked” me. I was curious and reactivated my account.

I saw a message from Aaron and quickly started to panic. He was everything I was hoping to find, so I took a chance and messaged him back. I apologized for not seeing his message sooner. We messaged on the app for a week before I gave him my number. And a few days after that, we went on out first date.

We decided to go to a trendy rooftop bar in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, Cafe Benelux. I was so nervous I got there 15 minutes early and got a table on the first level and waited for him to arrive. Ten minutes after the time we were suppose to meet, I called him.

Alex: “Ummm…hi are you here?”

Aaron: “I’m on the roof, where are you?”

Alex: “I’m on the first floor, do you want me to come up?”

Aaron: “Yes!”

I walked up the stairs to the rooftop, saw him, and knew he was my ‘everything bagel.’

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how they asked

Aaron asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to check out the Milwaukee Domes the coming Sunday. I had never been to the Domes, so of course, I said yes, as long as we could go to Trader Joe’s after for groceries. I wanted to meal prep Sunday night. On Sunday, he picked me up and I could sense he was nervous, but I didn’t think anything of it. We arrived at the Domes, got our tickets and stepped inside. Aaron asked if I wanted to check out the desert dome first and I said sure! We walk into the dome and started to look at the different cactuses and plants. I spotted a tequila farm, because who doesn’t love tequila, and walked towards it.

I turned to my right to read a sign and I thought Aaron was reading the sign too, but he was looking at me. I turned to look at him and he got down on one knee and had the perfect ring for me.

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In the midst of Aaron getting down on one knee, there was a photographer taking pictures of us the whole time and captured everything! It was the most unexpected Sunday surprise. After we got done with a mini photo session, we FaceTimed our family, went to Trader Joe’s, and grabbed drinks where we had our first date.

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And since I thought it was going to be a casual Sunday at the Domes and Trader Joe’s, I was wearing workout clothes and had my hair in a top knot.

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Special Thanks

Chris Siegel
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring