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How We Met

A few years ago my best friend Anna reconnected with a guy she had known throughout childhood. He was a marine living in California, they fell so in love that Joe popped the question! I felt honored to be her maid of honor. It was almost a year after the wedding that it time for them to move back home. At Joes coming home party, in the corner of my eye I noticed two guys quietly sitting at the end of the table. I walked over & introduced myself as “Aly” since thats what all my friends call me. A very smiley, handsome, brown eyed man stuck his hand out and said “hi Aly, I’m Al”. We began chatting, being Italian I knew by hearing his full name he was Italian as well. Soon after talking we figured out we were both from the exact same town in Sicily. We were both so shocked by how much we had in common. Many months later, Alessandro took me out on our first date. I was so nervous that it took me 45 mins just to do my makeup. Everything went amazing. I remember thinking to myself how could one guy be so perfect? After our date, I’ll never forget.. I walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me & said “you’re going to marry him one day”.

how they asked

Thanksgiving 2017 my fiancé & I decided we were ready for vacation. For those who know me, know my love for Disney (Alessandro had never been) so we decided going in March would be perfect. The night before leaving for Disney my future sister inlaw & brother inlaw allowed us to sleep at their house so Vito could drive us to the airport bright and early (thanks Vito). Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went wrong the morning of. First I forgot my cosmetic bag in the bathroom I realized about 15 mins after we left. We turned the car around and ran back home so I could grab it.


Then we finally get to JFK & we are about to check our baggage but my license is no where to be found. Thank god for my amazingly patience fiancé. He constantly told me not to worry, the trip would be amazing. Getting to security was a NIGHTMARE, I was pulled to the side, patted down & asked a million questions. Once we arrived at our gate I swore to Alessandro this was going to be the worst trip possible, that we should turn around and go back home. He tried to reassure me everything would end up wonderful. Those who know Alessandro, know that he is barely ever bothered, always smiling and is so easy going. Our flight landed in Florida around 10:30am so Alessandro in his very sweet tempt to try to make me feel better, suggested we go to Magic Kingdom (my happy place) as soon as we land in addition to going when we originally had planned later that week. He was being so pushy & I couldn’t understand how going to Magic Kingdom after the morning we had would make me feel better. We touched down in Florida, finally at our hotel.. the weather was beautiful and Alessandro was still pushing to go to Magic Kingdom. So we drop off our luggages and jump on the bus to Magic Kingdom. We geat to sercuirty check to enter Magic Kingdom & Alessandro sets off the metal detectors. Thankfully I had walked away and was not paying attention because it was in fact my engagement ring box which set off the alarm. In his words- he attempted to say “I have an engagement ring” without opening his mouth. They let him pass, and I was still very clueless as to why he was stopped. He shrugged it off telling me they stopped him because he was handsome. We entered Magic Kingdom, okay fine he was right (shhh don’t tell him I said that) now I’m in a great mood despite the morning we had. We walked over to a spot for pictures and bump into our friends Caitlyn & Jonathan. They proceed to ask when will we be getting engaged, I look at Alessandro and he says not anytime soon. Since I had been the one to pack our luggages I had absolutely no reason to think we would be getting engaged in Disney. Now I know the ring was in his jacket the entire time. Roughly 5 mins later, we are taking a pictures by the castle and I hear Alessandro say to the photographer “is it okay if we do one more pose?” And he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him.

At this point I am frazzled/shocked/happy/beaming/crying all the emotions fixed into one. A huge crowd of people surround us, clapping & cheering. Immediately I call my mom (the BEST jeweler in the world). Knowing my fiancé went to my parents to ask for my hand in marriage and asked my mom to make my ring is something I will cherish forever. We jumped on the phone to FaceTime the rest of our family memebers and we received so much love. When I first met Alessandro I knew he was special. When I fell in love with him I knew we had something special. And now that I am going to marry him I know our future will be nothing short of special.

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Alessia D'Angelo
Alessia D'Angelo
Alessia D'Angelo