Alessandra and Jonathan

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How We Met

I never thought I would meet my future husband on Tinder. I work a lot, and travel often for my job. I never was one to go out to the bars and meet people, so I thought I would try the silly app out. I put up a couple photos of myself with my dog Gidget. I was swiping left on mostly everyone, but then Jon came across my screen with a photo of him and his dog, Beasley. Being a huge dog lover, and a dog-mom myself, I swiped right on both their cute faces. It was instantly a match!

About 10 minutes later I get a message from Jon, “My dog thinks your dog is cute…” and that was it. Hook, cheesy line, and sinker. We talked over text for a month and we finally had our first date.

We went bowling and I ended up meeting some of his family that night at a friend’s birthday party, and we have been inseparable ever since. I moved into his home less than 6 months later. People tell us we are crazy for moving so fast, but we are crazy about each other.

Here is a photo from our first date that his sister took…


how they asked

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Being with family, eating delicious food, and they have created some of my most favorite memories I have of being with those I love most.The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I had to work, and Jon had the day off.

Jon told me he was going over to his parents to put together a little something he made for me for our “one year of living together”. When I got home from work, Jon was already home and told me he accidentally left it at his parents, but I would get it tomorrow at dinner, and I didn’t really think anything else of it.

The next day we all went over to Jon’s parents for dinner. Our families are very close, so everyone is always together. After dinner, I went upstairs to play with our nieces. Jon told me he would come get me when my “surprise” was ready.

I honestly had no clue what he was up to, and a proposal never even crossed my mind. Once Jon was ready, he came up to get me and guided me down the stairs. Once we reached the bottom, he told me to close my eyes. Still had no idea what his true intention was.

He carefully took me outside, where in true to myself in every way, I tripped, stumbled and totally fell off the patio onto the grass. For those who know me, this is classic Alessandra. Even falling, I kept my eyes closed. He led me through the grass, where he then positioned me in front of him and told me to open my eyes.

I then saw him and this beautiful trellis with blue flowers, blue candles and a photo of us in a frame that said “Love”. Our song is called “I Love” and one of the lyrics is “I love every shade of blue” and that has been a theme in our relationship.

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It was only right to add all these blue details to his proposal. I immediately began to cry. I couldnt believe it was happening. He looked at me and said “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. What I am about to do is the easiest decision of my life.”

He then got down on one knee, with tears in his eyes and asked “Alessandra, Will you marry me?”


I said “YES” before he even finished asking me the question.

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I got up to kiss and hug him, and he turned around to give his family a “thumbs up” to let them all know I said “yes.”


I then look over and see he set up someone to photograph it, and then realize, its not just a photographer, but my very best friend in the entire world.

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Taylor cancelled her hosted Thanksgiving dinner to be with us, and capture our moment perfectly. I cried even harder after seeing her.

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I still can’t believe that her and Jon teamed up to make this the most perfect proposal. Having her there made it that much better.

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At this point, I realize I still haven’t even put on my amazing custom made ring, as I was just so happy to be with friend’s and family celebrating.

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His family popped champagne, loved all over us with hugs and tears, and we toasted to new beginnings and finished the night so thankful for everyone who came together to make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

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