Alessandra and Alessandro

How We Met

Alessandro and I have been going out for 9 and a half years going on 10 in February. We are the typical high school sweethearts. When we first met we just clicked. We knew we would spend the rest of our life’s together. What is special about our relationship that we have been through it all together. We matured together, we spent every life milestone, and we watched each other’s achievements. When we were younger we would always say in 10 years we will get married and about 9 and a half years we are engaged. He would always say when we get engage I will shock you and oh did he shock me.

how they asked

On November 14, 2015 at 8:00pm Alessandro proposed in the middle of the ice skating rink at Rockerfeller Center. We were alone and I didn’t realize what was happen until I heard Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” was playing and seeing him dropping down on one knee. It was unbelievable, unforgettable, and magical. If I would have to relive any moment in my life, it would be that night and my future wedding. I cannot wait to grow old together.

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Special Thanks

Stefanie Zappulla
 | Behind the scenes master mind (Best Friend)