Alenka and Kristian

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How We Met

We met on 12/31/2014, NYE. I saw him walking in and I had this feeling like i want to run to him, i was so nervous, anxious, excited. He was handsome, and had this little sass about him. We danced all night, and I loved everything about him. He was polite to me and my family, he was funny, and gentleman. A month later we said I love you, and since then we are inseparable.

how they asked

12/31/2015, New Years Eve, our 1 year anniversary. He came to pick me up, and we head over to exact same party where we met the first time. I was so excited, I couldn’t imagine better NYE than with him. He told me : “Alenka, this night is ours, we are going to dance and have fun all night okay?”

By 11:00 pm he started to be very nervous, he couldnt talk, he kept looking at his phone, and at some point he asked me : Do you love me? And I said I do , I do love you with all my heart.

We went dancing and the dj played our favorite song which my bf sang to me everytime he pretended proposing to me. I heard the first note and slaped my head, because I knew what was coming. He still acted like nothing was happening so we kept dancing, and in the middle of the song he took the microphone and started citing the words from the song, something like “ my girl is beautiful, she is the most beautiful girl that I could choose “ , and then he went on his knees and opened a box. I was so shocked by all of this I didnt know what to do. I imagined this moment million times in my head, but at that time I wanted to scream yes and kiss him. And so I did.

And like he said it was our night we danced until the very end, we had the most beautiful anniversary of all.

I dont know what god has prepared for us, but I am hoping for the best.

He is the answer to love prayer…

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